60 Minute Makeover

Recycled Glass Surfaces For Cheryl

On 60 Minute Makeover, ITV1’s daily interior design series, a surprise kitchen makeover certainly brought smiles to the faces of single-mother Cheryl and her family, after a number of tough years copying with illness and bringing up two teenagers. Presented by Catherine Gee and featuring top interior designer John Amabile, the show brought about a new look for the kitchen at Cheryl’s home in Romford, Essex.

Granite Transformations supplied and installed Chiaro Ambra kitchen worktops and splashbacks made from recycled glass and replacement cabinet doors in high gloss Latte acrylic, in line with John’s design brief of contemporary, neutral colours ‘in a lovely family of finishes’. These materials helped transform an outdated galley-style kitchen into something ‘fabulous and utterly gorgeous’, to Cheryl’s obvious delight.

Both Catherine and John were impressed with Granite Transformations’ ‘fantastic’ recycled glass surfaces and the way in which the worktop material was taken up the wall to form deep matching splashbacks. They commented that this was ‘a quick and easy way of rejuvenating a kitchen’, adding ‘this is not a refit, it’s a reface’. John loved the use of recycled wine and beer bottles and has already used GT worktops on another TV project. Having seen the result, Series Producer James Kane even bought a Granite Transformations worktop for his own kitchen.