Unusual Foods To Try this Year

It happens to us all, we become bored with certain types of food. When you start to become distraught at the sight of pasta or annoyed at the thought of one more pizza, it’s definitely time for a change.

You could go slightly out of your comfort zone and try adding a different seasoning to a dish, maybe try out new flavours of old favourites or you could go the whole hog and try something really unusual.

There are places around the world that would make even the most adventurous foodie question why people eat what they do. Here a few local delicacies that you would need a strong stomach to face.

Many people like eggs, scrambled eggs for breakfast or a fried egg for tea. How many of you would be game for a Century Egg from China? These are eggs that have been preserved for a few months so the yolk turns dark green and the white turns brown. Any takers?

Perhaps insects are more appealing to you? Cambodia specialises in Fried Spiders and Australian Witchetty Grubs have been popular with locals for years. Insects are surprisingly becoming more commonplace in the UK with grasshoppers now available at restaurants in London.

If the thought of this has made your stomach turn, maybe you start off small and try adding some new herbs to a sauce or try adding a different vegetable to tried and tested recipes.

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