Do You Remember These Famous Kitchens?

Whether you’re watching the TV, a film, reading or book or actually just getting on with life everything seems to revolve around the kitchen. Whether you’re watching two people in a soap having a bit of a disagreement or watching a home improvement show the kitchen will no doubt be involved.

Over the years we’ve been treated to several kitchens making regular appearances on TV while they provide the backdrop for some of the biggest moments in TV history. In no particular order, here are some of these incredible kitchens.

1. Monica’s Kitchen in Friends

Friend’s is one of the most famous TV shows ever to be broadcast, and Monica’s kitchen provided the stage for most of the 10 series long programme.

Whether it’s the “we were on a break fight”, Monica and Chandler bringing home the Twins or Joey eating an entire Turkey the kitchen was always there in the background. Prompting many to wonder where on earth Monica got all that weird furniture?

2. The Kitchen Aboard the Heart of Gold

Sci-Fi fans will recognise the Heart of Gold as the spaceship from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Heart of Gold is the most extravagant spaceship in the universe and it has the kitchen to match.

The kitchen comes with a knife that toasts bread as you slice it and a machine that recognises what you’re craving and then makes it for you. Perfect for those nights when you just can’t decide what to have for tea.

3. The Kitchen from Downton Abbey

While this is a more recent addition to our screens, Downton Abbey has fast become one of the most popular shows in the UK and in the US. Throughout the show you can often see replicas of kitchen equipment from the time and watch the staff use them to cook.

The kitchen is where the staff eats, socialises and receives all the news from Upstairs. In the kitchen the staff learned the news of deaths, births, prison sentences and scandals that kept UK viewers glued to the screen.

These are just some of the kitchens that people will recognise instantly, there are many more. The kitchens from Jurassic Park, The Matrix and Gilmore Girls are recognisable by fans from the show as places where plots were developed and characters went about their daily lives.

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