Cook Up A Storm With These Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Some people are natural chefs, blink twice and they’ll have made a roast with all the trimmings while you’re still boiling the kettle for your pasta. We think cooking should be fun and simple, we’ve found these kitchens gadgets that might seem daft at first but we guarantee soon you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without them.


This is an invention that often gets met with a little bit of snobbery. You say microwave and most people will assume you live on a diet of supernoodles and baked beans. Now the modern microwave is so much more than that. With recipes online to make a cake in a mug using a microwave the sky is the limit. Just don’t leave any spoons in there.

Kitchen Timer

You claim you don’t need this, that you’ll remember the fish in the oven. All it takes is one really engrossing TV program and you’re tea is done for. However, if you use a kitchen timer you can forget about your tea till the alarm sounds. You’ll never have burnt food again.


We’re talking about the entire family of blenders here. From hand mixers, to food processors and standing mixers. All of these nifty gadgets will save you time and effort. It’s not about being lazy it’s all about being efficient.

Knife Sharpener

This is a nifty little gadget that can live in the cutlery drawer. You’ll never be left with a set of blunt knives again. Over time you’ll save money on splashing out on new knives by getting this little piece of kit. You’ll never worry about just how you’re going to cut that butternut squash again.

From Bolton to Wigan we’re ready to help you get your kitchen ready for any culinary mishap. That’s why our granite worktops are ready for any challenge you can throw at them. If they’re strong enough to fend off a bowling ball they can certainly handle any cooking nightmares.