We can tackle all areas of the house

Whilst renovating kitchens and bathrooms has long been our speciality, TREND Transformations Bolton is also experience when it comes to improving other parts of the home. We’re talking about places like utility and laundry rooms where our worktops will have no less of a positive impact.

If you’re a regular homeworker you may want to enhance your office area with a fashionable new work surface and add cutting-edge flooring. Working in comfortable, stylish surrounds will boost your productivity.

We’re also happy to take on any commercial-based projects you need handling.

  • Worktops that are amazingly light

    Heavy, weighty work surfaces just won’t work in outdoor locations like yachts, caravans, canal boats, cruisers and motorhomes. They’re also far from ideal for luxurious destinations such as conservatories, treehouse and workshops. Our worktops are surprisingly lightweight, meaning they can be used virtually anywhere.

  • Devoted to design

    You can expect guaranteed designer quality when buying any of our products as we commit a huge amount of time to the design process. We’re very meticulous when producing our trademark worktops. They’re regularly used in internal and external locations, the latter usually being in waterborne, treetop and road-going areas. During the installation process they’re also bonded accordingly.

  • Our professionalism will impress

    TREND Transformations Bolton promises professionalism in everything we do. You will find our design consultants to be extremely friendly and approachable for when you want to communicate your ideas to them. You can also count on them to provide any essential advice you may require when buying a brand new work surface as we want you to walk away happy with your choice of product.