We make renovating your bathroom so easy

You may be anxious to give your old bathroom a modern makeover but the main things stopping you are the money and time involved to realise your ambition. Set the wheels in motion with TREND Transformations as we can improve your entire bathroom affordably and in no time.

We embrace the opportunity to take on the most challenging bathroom projects as we have a hugely talented team of designers and installers – nothing is beyond their capabilities. Mention the TREND Transformations name to someone close and there is a good chance that they will instantly recognise and recommend us.

  • All our work surfaces are resistant to water which is ideal in bathrooms

    Some work surfaces suffer when consistently exposed to water and it causes their performance to deteriorate. Our work surfaces on the other hand are purposely designed to cope with water exposure and the high temperatures commonplace in the bathroom.

    You can also expect our splashbacks and shower liners to provide reliable water-resistance. Coincidentally, they can be provided in a variety of sizes.

  • A favourite finish for everyone

    We have tried to produce the broadest possible selection of finishes so that everyone can find a colour they love. Something will instantly stand-out and grab your attention.

    We have traditional finishes like black and white available, and also have colours such as green for those wanting the most distinctive work surface for their bathroom.

  • Products full of resourcefulness

    The inventiveness of our product range means that TREND Transformations appeals not just to homeowners, but also to some of the best architects and interior designers. We’re their first port of call for imaginative splashbacks and countertops.

    Whatever requirements you or a top architect or interior designer has for a bathroom, we can provide the perfect solution. A brief discussion with one of our design consultants will highlight our unquestionable bathroom expertise.